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    I am a portuguese oncology nurse, preparing a lecture about "central venous catheters". My main objective is to prevent infections, organize a protocol of heparinization of the diferent types of catheters, how to solve diferent problems, give more information on the subject, etc.
    I am having a few problems in finding material. I will apreciate any help that you can give me. Thank you.

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  3. by   millie arnold
    I have about 14 years of adult oncology nursing experience in a variety of positions. One of the best resources for you would the Oncology Nursing Society in Pittsburgh, PA. ONS has a wealth of knowledge available for the asking. ONS Online is We routinely use a product called "biopatch" that is an antibiotic patch placed at the entrance sites, then covered with tegaderm of TLC, PICC's, etc. These are changed weekly. However, infection is an ongoing challenge for neutropenic patients. Colony stimulating factors help decrease infection in this patient population. As far as flushing, you'll probably find as many techniques as there are different types of catheters. Just about everything you read will suggest that you follow manufacture or institution recommendations. I foolishly thought years ago when I was young and gullible that as a local ONS chapter we could agree on one thing about central venous catheters. The one thing was how much saline and heparin to use. Obviously this never happened. Taking on that topic is a really tricky area of oncology nursing. ONS could offer you their documentations, but the topic of normal saline and heparin will probably refer you back to your own institution and/or manufacturer recommendations. Good luck on you project. I hope this helps.