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  1. My daughter's exBF told her that he has mesothelioma and has only seven months to live. I don't know much about mesothelioma, but did read some material that I googled. I am just baffled because he does not even appear to be that sick. I know that he worked in auto service business for many years. He is only 32. As horrible, as this may sound, I believe that he may be exagerating his condition. He just doesn't seem to be the picture of somebody that has a mere 7 monthsto live. He is still working. He doesn't appear to have lost weight, not on any respiratory meds. They have a 2 y.o. son, and I wonder if he is telling her this because he wants her to be a better mother. He told her that he is dying and wants to know that she will be able to care for their child. She is an addict and going into rehab this coming week. I think that maybe he told her that to scare her straight. And, if so, that is really horrible. I don't want to believe that he would be so cruel to tell something so awful. Also, I believe that she has undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, and this news has made her worse.
    He told me that he was going somewhere for clinical trial for nuclear therapy. He said that he was getting injections, but they didn't help. When I asked what he got, he said that he couldn't remember the name of it. When I asked the reason for the injections and what effect they had for his condition, he said that he didn't remember what they told him. Even when I was not in medical field, I asked all sort of questions, and would go home and look it up. I just believe everyone should be educated about their illness.
    Does this illness, progress that quickly to fatal? He has a normal appetite, and not on any resp. meds. I know that he does have shortness of breath. But, I just don't see him being in the terminal stage, yet. Also, he shares joint custody of my grandson. They each have him one week at a time. I would tink that he would be too weak to care for him. I actually take care of my grandson, when it is my daughter's week, until she is able to care for him on her own.(due to her current issues) I know that I am exhausted from watching him. I just can't imagine someone that is terminal to have the stamina to care for him.
    Please, if anyone can give me anyore information about mesothelioma and the newest treatments.
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    here goes some info for you, and i am sorry to hear that