Oncology Nurses In San Antonio Tx

  1. Hello all you fabulous oncology nurses in San Antonio Texas. I am hoping you can help me out. Do any of you know of any good oncology docs in town? Have any of you heard of Dr. Kathleen (sp?) Halka? She was my dad's oncologist and now my grandmother is thinking of switching to her as well. BUT, mom wants me to find out from the source (y'all!) if you have any recommendations/thoughts/suggestions on who would be a great doc. Since you are in the field and in the know, I figured what better group to ask, right? So if you could let me know who you think is great (and why) as well as whether they have the appropriate staff in office to do chemo, I'd appreciate it. Her current doc is an idiot (sad but true) and does not employ any nurses in his chemo office except for one LVN to adminster the chemo to hundreds of patients (on alternating days of course). The rest of the staff is made up of clerks and one lab tech. So, I hope to hear from someone. If you'd rather email than post, feel free to email me at txsugar@excite.com.
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