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  1. So I am a new oncology nurse, but I am loving my new job. I can't afford to join the ONS just yet and was wondering what other resources I could check out for protocols on handling chemo's, drug information, cancer info in general and other oncology nursing topics. I feel very overwhelmed and want to learn all I can.
    Thanks! and sorry if this has been asked a hundred times.
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  3. by   springybaybee
    Well typically since you are working on an oncology floor, they will expect you to hang chemotherapy. I know for my hospital they paid us to get chemo certified and that is where I learned all about the chemotherapy meds, how to handle them, side effects, etc. The course came with a book that had info about the drugs and more about guidelines about administration. Learning takes time. Just make sure that everything you double check over time, you will see similar drugs, chemo over and over again and it will become easier.

    Best of luck to you
  4. by   CarryThatWeight
    Yes, they will send you to chemo class and you will receive a book. Thankfully, the test is open book (at least it was for me). It is not too bad. Agree with springybaybee--the more you see the drugs, the better you will know them. It just takes time. Good luck!