New Grad Nurse in Hem/Onc, Stem Cell Transplant

  1. Hi all,
    I was just hired at a prestigious hospital in Chicago as a New Grad Nurse in Hem/Onc, Stem Cell Transplant Unit!! They called the day after I interviewed & I'm still in shock!!!

    If any other new RNs are starting in this area, let's get together on this thread to talk!

    Experienced RNs, what has been your experience on a Stem Cell Transplant Unit??

    I am currently a CNA on an Oncology unit for the past 14 months, so I have some experience here.
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  3. by   CarryThatWeight
    Congrats! Stem cell transplant is a great place to work. I started as a new grad and am now returning to BMT after a brief absence. I really enjoy having the patients on the floor longer, as it gives us a chance to know them a little. BMT has its own set of common chemo regimens and terminology (mostly day + or - for transplant countdown), but you will get used to that quickly. Do you know what the ratios on your floor are?
  4. by   eah9r3
    Congrats!! What hospital? I have a friend that I graduated with last year who is on the hem/onc floor at NMH and loves it. I have just started my search in Chicago (I'm currently an RN in St. Louis but want to relocate). Any tips for job hunting there? I know the job market is not the best right now...
  5. by   sj73201
    seriously?! that's where i just got hired!! is she on nights? that's what ill be working.
    i'm a new grad myself so i just apply to onc because i love it and work as a cna in onc now.

    to answer your question tammy1019, i believe the ratio is 4-5 on nights. 7p-7a
  6. by   sophie<3
    I just got hired on hem/onc and a bmt unit about 2 months ago as a new grad! I will be finishing up orientation in a few weeks! So far I really love my job on the hem/onc side our ratio is 1:4 and bmt is 1:3.
  7. by   eah9r3
    I think she is on days but I'm not certain. She absolutely loves it though. She did an externship on that floor two summers ago. I also have a friend in the NICU at NMH and says it's wonderful too. Seems like a great place to work! How did you go about your job hunt in Chicago? Did you just apply to all of the major hospitals and did you specifically want hem/onc? I want to move to Chicago so bad!!
  8. by   butterfly journey
    Well I'm not in the Chicago area (Texas) but I did get hired onto an oncology floor as a new grad and I start Monday. I have actually precepted on this floor my last semester, so I kind of know what's going on and I really like my new co-workers and I love my long-term patients. Can't wait to really get started.
  9. by   blondy2061h
    I started in a high acuity BMTU as a new grad 4 years ago. It was rough to start, but I quickly learned to love it. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  10. by   bluechick112
    I was hired in March in to a new grad program in California in heme/onc. So far, I love it! It has the tendency to be very emotional, which can be just as hard as the physical work. A very rewarding field to be in, though. Glad it's where I'm starting out
  11. by   sj73201

    did your friend share anything about her orientation to you? i have been calling the manager with no return call. i don't start orientation until aug. 20, so maybe i'm too early? do you know if she felt prepared following her unit orientation? i heard orientation on the unit is shortened to save $$. a couple people i graduated with have gotten a job there on l&d and postpartum and said their orientation would be like this.
  12. by   blondy2061h
    Hope your first day of orientation went well.
  13. by   sj73201
    haha how'd you know i had orientation today? It was great!
  14. by   blondy2061h
    Your previous post said you start aug 20. I just happened to be flipping through my old posts yesterday and saw it, so I thought I'd wish you luck. Glad it went well!

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