New grad needs advice

  1. I am a graduate RN with 14 yrs experience as an LPN prior who is looking to work in Oncology. I know that you need med-surg experience first but as we all know it is so hard to get any job right now. I have an offer to work with Hospice per-diem which I am considering and will give me some experience with incology patients. I have looked into taking the Oncology/Biotherapy certification class but you must work for 6 mos, first. While I am waiting would you recommend that I take CEU's on Oncology to boost my resume? Any advice would be helpful..
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  3. by   CAL05699
    Cmmny, There are several hospitals in the DC area intereviewing new grad RNs for oncology positions. In fact, hospices around here want people with oncology experience (rather than the other way around!). So if you really want to do oncology, especially with your great background, you probably can find a job.
  4. by   llg
    Getting some continuing education in oncology can only help. It wouldn't hurt.

    Good luck to you!