New Grad Considering Women's Health Oncology

  1. Hello all,

    Happy New Year!!!

    I recently graduated from nursing school and am preparing to take my NCLEX within a few weeks. I have been thinking about applying for a position on an inpatient unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering, specifically Women's Health. Can anyone share some information about what it's like to work there? How extensive new graduate orientation is, retention rates for new graduates, etc.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   plum94
    I really do know have any idea what it is like working at Sloans. But I can tell you this...i love working in a comprehensive cancer center like MSK. The nursing education is endless, the clinical research is way beyond what you expect...INPATIENT?? uhmm not really keen on doing just wondering, does MSK requires you to have a oncology experience? a OCN cert? I would look into that....i also would like to advice you to look at the outpatient facility MSK have....i remember i have submitted an application there are one point, but due to the commute I accepted a position at CINJ...they offer the same rates and benefits as MSK, guess they are also competetive
  4. by   mariesmist
    you need to have 2-5 years experience to work at the outpatient centers. before getting an BSN and RN i worked at the outpatient center in administration, and i never saw a new grad hired. but who knows, you can try.