Looking for info, Outpatient Chemo RN Jupiter/Treasure Coast Florida

  1. I'm moving from Massachusetts to Jupiter, West Palm Beach area. I am looking into Jupiter Medical Center, Palm Beach Cancer Institute and Martin Memorial Hospital Stuart. If you can give me any advice, positive or negative on these facilities or others in the area I'm missing I would really appreciate it. I currently work in the setting of outpatient hem/onc infusion and would hate to have to go back to inpatient. This part of Florida also seems expensive to live, and I know the pay is not close to up north, any ideas on range of pay would be helpful too. I have 5yrs experience ONC/BMT. Is there pay incentive for OCN in the area?
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   carey95
    Hello- I was on this site for the first time and saw you message re: moving here and looking for out.pt. hem/onc chemo place. I no longer live in Palm Beach and I don't know about Jupiter hosp...however...I used to be basically the charge nurse for Good Samaratin's outpt chemo clinic on PGA and the in Royal Palm, now on 441. I live in PSL and if I lived closer I would go back to work there in a heartbeat. They were a great place, great nurses, wonderful patients. And the doctors....like I said I would go back in a heartbeat if I live closer (and my kids a little older.) Hope you find what you are looking for. By the way Martin is also an excellent hospital, that is where I had my son and I take my kids if the need an ER. Enjoy Fl. Hope this helped you.