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  1. Aloha, I am completing a 160 hour clinical at Mayo in the oncology/BMT unit soon. I am revising my resume now to highlight some of the skills I will be reviewing at Mayo..I anticipate I will be working with IV's and PICCS frequently, also hanging blood, drawing labs. \

    Would someone be kind enough to list a few more 'common' skills I will encounter (then I can tailor it to the resume if I get a chance to observe or practice)

    Thank you
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  3. by   blondy2061h
    In BMT you won't see a lot of PICCs, more traditional central lines. You'll give a lot of IV medications, but you won't deal with peripheral IVs hardly at all in BMT. Know your normal CBC and electrolyte values well. Know what to anticipate with abnormal values. In tumor lysis syndrome and such you'll see lots of electrolyte abnormalities, some quite extreme. You'll definitely see extreme CBC values. You'll hand a lot of blood and platelets. A lot of your patients will be on TPN. You'll see a lot of infections and sepsis. You'll deal with a lot of antibiotics. You'll do lots of blood cultures. Knowing IV antibiotics well will help you. Good luck, learn a lot, and have fun!
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    thank you for the info!