IP Chemo

  1. Im just curious....do you guys use a techoff cath for IP chemo or are you now using "mediports"?

    Im trying to look at FDA approving "mediport" for IP use?
    Have you heared/read of anything about this?
    I want to know your general practice in IP chemo administration
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  3. by   julieK
    We use only ports for IP chemo. I know nothing about fda approval. Good luck...
  4. by   IR-Champ
    We use an IP port from Smiths. The rep had a half a dozen studies on using them for IP therapy. It looks different than an normal port. Has a bunch of holes along it. The doc said it's supposed to extend life by a year or more compared to a normal port. I thought they stopped using them but these studies were new. So, we use them now. Hope this helps!
  5. by   Gadget Girl
    bard and smith both have intraperitoneal ports that are placed by the surgeons.

    what type of port seems to work best?

    a number of investigators with many years of experience in delivering ip chemotherapy recommend the bard intravenous mediport. according to them, the intravenous mediport appears to have a lower complication rate than intraperitoneal ports or tenckhoff catheters. other investigators have used the intraperitoneal ports without difficulty
    they are fda approved or they wouldn't be used.

    this procedure has increased survival rates so it has re-emerged again.

    here is the website for sloan kettering on placement of ip port.

  6. by   mymom
    we use vad mediport,no porta cath or tencoff(they are fenastrated).the only purpose of the port is ti instill 2 liters of fluid.nothing to drain.
  7. by   Gadget Girl
    Thanks you! The success rate of someone completing this regimen is 50%, by the way.

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