I'm torn between Oncology and PDN Pediatrics

  1. What to choose? Hospital or Home care? I have a job offer of doing PDN Pedia, however I also got an offer on Oncology unit. The thing is I am a new nurse. Any advice?
    I am currently torn between my want and need.

    First thing I am a new nurse. I just got my official license two weeks ago and prior to that I actually started applying online. And do you know how's it feel like when you just clicked apply for the potential job?

    So here's the thing: I got a job offer for doing a PDN for pediatrics. I actually didn't know at first that it'll be a PDN job. Because I thought there will be like a rehabilitation center or something so I actually accepted the invitation for an interview. The hiring manager is easy to talk to and so nice. I even met the DON and I was impressed by their company. I don't have any negative words to say against them. I was so happy that given that I am a new nurse they still offered me a PDN job and assured me that I'll be on training first before sending me out to the my first case. However as days go by, I am starting to feel leas confident on doing it. Why? It's because knowing that I haven't been in any clinical are for quite a while. Lots of questions are bugging me, like can i really handle it when I'm all by myself? Maybe? Cos they will be training me right? But I don't want to risk my license too. I know it's too scary at first but I don't want to start my career being worried. Although I need this job in order to sustain my life.
    And to be honest I still have yet to complete the required papper worls to secure my spot for the job. But I don't want to burn bridges with that company. They've been so accomodating. I don't know of if this is just normal to feel all like nervous with everything. Maybe because I just want to make the right choice, right?

    Pros: The pay is good. Within the are. Cons: Skills as a PDN

    On the other hand, the job that I WANT. I've always wanted to work on this floor aside from a personal reasons. There is really something with Oncology that I really wanted to learn more. I went to this interview and I patiently waited for someone to be there to represent the Oncology unit. And when I was about to think that okay I might give other units a try first while waiting, but is this fate? The nurse manager just came in time. And to be honest I am totally happy as well. I was even given a chance to see the floor on the same day and even had a PR interview. And just waiting for a recruiter to call me back. Pros: Experience. Hospital setting. Acquire skills Cons: Too far from home. I don't have my own car yet. Pay is low compared to the first one.

    The thing is what if they won't call me? I will just let the first job offer slip away. This is so hard. I never thought I would be on this situation. If only I can do it both why not? But I am alao considering if my body can take it. I am actually thinking of having them both. But do you think it is practical to start as a new nurse? I know it's impossible to do both for full time right? And I don't think for a versant program they'll allow a part time job though.

    Any thoughts you can share about this? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much! God Bless y'all
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    hey! what did you decide?