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    I have been a nurse for 4 years now, and just accepted a job in an outpatient clinic in a cancer center. I have no oncology experience. I was able to shadow before accepting the position, and absolutely loved it. Essentially, I will be working with a specific DO as his nurse and will be rooming patients, doing telephone triage, refilling scripts, etc. No infusion therapy (another team of nurses do this). The specific DO I will be working with has a focus on hematology and solid tumor cancers.

    I am wondering if anyone has any books they would recommend to help me prepare? I would love a pocket reference as well, but haven't had much luck looking online. I am SUPER excited for this new job, and want to do the best I can. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   slacrossm
    Does anyone have oncology/hematology nursing reference guides/books they can recommend?
  4. by   cyclone67
    So I am not an expert -- i'm actually starting as a new graduate in oncology next month. However, my supervisor recommended two books to read: Oncology Nursing Secrets or a Mosby book which I believe is Mosby's Oncology Advisor. Good luck at the new job; I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work in oncology. I loved my clinical experiences.
  5. by   mjt0080
    I have been an oncology chemotherapy infusion nurse for 10 years. Great resource for drug information and chemotherapy side effects. The books noted in last comment are good books. Also "Physicians Cancer and Chemotherapy Drug Manual" is my favorite. I used it when I did chemotherapy teaching for drug specific side effects. And if your going to be doing telephone triage maybe "Telephone Triage for Oncology Nurses" would be a great reference for you. Welcome to Oncology!
  6. by   slacrossm
    Thank you so much! Good luck yourself, I'm sure you will do great!
  7. by   JerseyGirl1213
    This is funny, I literally JUST posted something like this! I am a 5+ year RN who also just accepted a position in an outpatient cancer center. I shadowed a nurse and liked everything I saw there. My job will mainly be the infusion therapy side of it with the occasional days of doing triage (after they deem I'm competent, of course). I, too, am looking for great resources to learn about the common meds and pathophys of it all to get started. Looking for a "dummies guide" to ease me into it so. I know hands on is best...but I think many good nurses like to study as best we can about a field we're interested in. Good luck to you!

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