HELP! Desperately needing an oncology nursing resume sample

  1. Hello fellow oncology nurses,

    I really need your help! I am currently working on a mixture of med/surg & oncology floor and would like to seek for a more oncology specialized hospital. My problem is, I do so many things from routine med/surg to hanging chemo and blood and I don't know if I should put all my job description on the resume or just the oncology part. If I write everything, I would take up the entire page or more. Any advice on how I should write my new resume? Any sample or link to oncology nursing resume would be terrrific. I tried to goolge but can't find anything. I really need a new resume by 2 weeks, please HELP!

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   eternalsunshine
    Hi Sammi

    Your resume, needs to be clear and succinct, If it is too long, you may not stand out against other candidates. Our rule of thumb is no more than 3 pages for a resume. Start with a brief synopsis of your character, and your key skills such as team player, ability to work within a team but self motivated, keen to learn new skills, flexibility etc. then I would do a brief bullet point list in maybe 2 colums (to save space) of your key clinical skills, eg. venepuncture, cannulation, competent in IV therapy including chemo and blood products, perhaps you could include the type of patients that you have cared for that are relevant to oncology such as acute sepsis, neutrapenic patients.

    So to summarise:

    - Brief synposis of you and your charater etc.
    - bullet points detailing your key clinical skills
    - your employment history (from most recent firrst)
    - then additional information such as marital status, your health status, any relevant courses that you have undertaken (excluding your nurse training)

    if you draft something up I am happy to look at it for you and give further advice. just PM me
  4. by   eternalsunshine

    i suddenly realised that I am giving you advice from the view of a UK resume, I am not sure if it is done different in the US. I did a quick search and found these links which I hope will also be of help to you...