ER RN, need OncNurse advise re: returning to work post I-131 for thyroid ca

  1. Okay, so I've been bugging the powers that be at my hospital for weeks now to find out what I need to do, but so far they have done zip. I found this file:

    but their guidelines for returning to work if you work with children & pregnant ladies gets very fuzzy and unclear (and it doesn't help that I'm already going hypo so brain already mushy and fuzzy). Anyone have xp with calculating return to work times post I-131 tx???

    Anyway, possible helpful info on what I do: work in ER, currently in Triage every day, expect to be there at least first couple days after return to work, too. Distance to patient is nothing since I touch all of them. Distance to Attending in Triage about 2 ft or less for most of 7 hours. Tech about 3-4 feet away for most of 8-12 hours but several times each hour steps to within 2 feet of me (sometimes every couple minutes for long stretches). And pregnant seems to be in the water at work, and you know how lots of people don't tell co-workers until 2nd trimester.

    Anyone and everyone walks through our doors including children, ladies who are pregnant, don't know, only suspect, or even know but don't tell us, and then halfway through triage spring the info on us: "Oh yeah, and I might be pg/have std, can't I get checked for that, too?" etc., often said while leaning closer and whispering. Or kids/pg gf's brought in with fam so esp. for pg ladies we have NO way of knowing!

    Help please! Know where I can find clear guidelines specific to healthcare workers, or can you help me sort out info in link above if you see it and I missed it??
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  3. by   mama.RN
    Don't know if this might help you. Doesn't speak of working directly with children and pregnant women, but might give you a good idea based on what they do advise. When I was about to get radiation for thyroid cancer, I was told I only had to isolate myself from others for a few days, including those sensitive populations. Never did have to get the radiation though.