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  1. HI all, Does anyone have a site or information where I can find case studies on General Onoclogy patients. This info is for a nurse extern/intern program for Graduate registered nurses who are working while waiting to pass state boards. A nurse educator friend of mine asked for my help surfing the internet.It is more difficult than I thought. Thanks, Bernie
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  3. by   lgoins
    You might want to check the Oncology Nursing web site and the University of Pennsylvania site: and I made up two oncology case studies for a project once. It was a lot of work. A great source of case studies are the books by Shirley Otto. She wrote 'Oncology Nursing' and a study guide to go with it. The study guide has case studies and correct answers. The Oncolgy Certified Nurse (OCN) exam is based on case studies. Otto's books were a big help to me.

    good luck studying.
  4. by   Bernie
    Thank you Lindi, The ons. site is wonderful. I especially liked the drug database and patient teaching section. I see hours committed to sitting in front of the computer (is this good or bad?).
    I will recomend Otto's book to my educator. Bernie
  5. by   lgoins
    Trust me, this is definitely good. I never stop learning. I have inserted a link to the ONS library page (you'll probably have to cut & paste). Even though this won't help your case study homework, it's an incredible read. It is a personal journal of an Oncology nurse & his journey with cancer.

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