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  1. I currently work in a pretty intense outpatient infusion center (we see about 80 patients per day); recently we have had some disagreements re: protocols for administering certain drugs; i.e. how often to take vitals with certain drugs like Taxol and Erbitux. Me and a few other nurses want to help develop some policies but we are kind of at a loss to find evidence-based information or manufacturer instructions. Anyone know where I can find good info re: things like vital sign recommendations? It's gotten frustrating because some nurses vital for Doxil or Avastin, some don't....and of course the patients notice! Can anyone help?
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  3. by   Samantha Gibson
    Sorry, I pushed the wrong button.

    Product guidelines should be available to you and are often clear in what they recommend in regards to observations. A really reliable centre in Australia is The Cancer Institute of New South Wales - from what I understand, what they offer is one of a kind in the world. You can view them by going to and then go to Ci-Scat when you get in. You will need to register and accept their terms.

    Hope this is of help.

    Regards From Down Under!
  4. by   RNOCN2311
    The Oncology Nursing Society or the drug insert pamphlet.