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Oncology nursing?

Hey, all...

Been meaning to post here for a while instead of just mowing down post after post. But, curiously, are there are any oncology nurses out there willing to comment? I want to shoot for UW Medical for their oncology floor. Or, at the very least, if they even have one, an outpatient infusion clinic. For sure, I want to stay in oncology and have been doing it for about a year now and been a nurse for nearly 2 and a half years. I'll be wanting to move in about a year from now. I'm hoping to continue on with it so I can pick up my OCN... then perhaps move on to ARNP... perhaps work with an oncologist... etc...

Of course, my life plans are leading me towards seattle, and I really want to try and move there. So, coming back to it, anyone know about the UW Medical oncology service? Or, failing that, perhaps any other oncology specialties in the other hospitals?

Furthermore, a friend of mine said to move to the eastside should I decide to move there. I asked her for an inexpensive area. Now, while I did ask her for inexpensive apartments, I've so far read that eastside housing is like throwing money away... in that it's expensive... Or something. She right? Wrong? Where should I look at?

I'm taking a visit there next month, checking out whether I truly want to move or not. But if I had some suggestions and some focused areas to look at, it would really help.



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Bellevue is the largest city on the Eastside is pretty expensive. A bit further south is Renton, which is more affordable.

The UW does have oncology with one full floor and often most of another. I think they also do outpatient infusions as well. There are other places to look as well, like the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Fred Hutch, the UW and Seattle Children's make up the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Inpatients go to either UW or Children's, but at one time they also had inpatients at the Hutch. I'm not sure if they do any more or not. Some of the suburban hospitals also have cancer care centers too.

Sorry I don't know anything specific. Good luck!

Also the PolyClinic has an infusion center that is mainly Oncology/Hematology. it is a great place to work, I have been there for over a year and Love it! Seattle Cacncer Care Alliance is an amazing place to work, and as far as I remember they do have an outpatient position available in Heme Oncology currently! Living on the eastside as said previously can be quite expensive however seattle itself can be cheaper. Capitol Hill is near all the hospitals (most) but it is quite expensive.

I can answer more questions if you have others! Good luck!


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