On the Look Out for MSN level Informatics Preceptor (Remote)

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Hi All!-

Thank you for taking the time to read about my inquiry! I'm currently on the look out for anyone who would be willing to precept me in the coming months (early July)! I would love for this to be remote, and living in California. I attend GCU for some background, and I have been unlucky with finding a preceptor up to this point. If you are interested in filling this role, please reach out ASAP! Thank you again!

For reference, this is what is required from the university to be accepted as a preceptor:

Nursing Informatics Preceptor Requirements:

•Must have an active, current, unencumbered, unrestricted license as a registered nurse.

•Must hold a Master's degree in Nursing or other advanced graduate degree.

•Provide opportunities to work with other nursing staff as appropriate to augment the practicum experience.

•Minimum 2 years current work experience in informatics. This can be within a hospital or clinic setting. 
•Minimum of 3 months at current employer.

•Able to provide an educational experience that will help meet overall practicum objective and personal learning objectives.

•Preceptor is experientially and academically prepared.

•Preceptor cannot be relatives, personal friends, or direct supervisor of student. Preceptor can work at student's place of employment but cannot work in the same department as the student.

Preceptor responsibilities include:

• Provide an environment for the student to gain experience in planning as part of a leadership team, while regarding the student as a professional colleague. 

•Communicate expectations to the student.

•Approve student submitted practicum hours through Thunder Time preceptor website.

•Objectively review and validate the student's competencies through intermittent observations, discussion, mid-term and final evaluation.

•Share educational expertise, tools, and references that will aid the student in role transition to a competent healthcare professional. Provide time to mentor the student's learning by answering questions and reviewing progress on practicum work, etc.

•Participate in conferences with course faculty to review and assess student progress.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to meeting with you regarding my inquiry!

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