Olympus' Service.... or should I say WHAT service???

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Just wondering.....do you guys have any complaints about Olympus' service? We have the worst time w/them at our lab!They sell the stuff, then it's pulling teeth to get them to service the equipment.

Our DSD washer has been down on one side for two weeks (that piece of sh*t.....but THAT'S a whole other story!). Anyway, it took two weeks to get somebody out there. Then last week FOUR different repair men came out. The first two ONLY dealt w/the computer part of the machine, NOT the mechanics. Then the second two only knew how to check the mechanical parts, didn't understand a thing about the programming, etc. It was horrible. NONE of them ended up figuring out the problem. The last guy finally just said, "I'm sorry, but this is all we know how to do. You'll have to talk to your rep on where to go from here".

ACK!! We were practically in tears.

Then two days later, unable to get any help, we're all down there looking under the machine (like WE'D know what to do....ha ha) and I happened to see a hose labeled "water hose" swinging in the breeze. HELLO! I snapped it in place.....thing runs perfect now.

Can you even believe it? Don't you think the first thing one of those "trained service men" would have checked would be to make sure everything is hooked up properly???

And you can imagine the bill we're trying to dispute now. For "service" and for parts they replaced, unnecessarily!!

So.......that's just one story, but it seems like a chronic problem w/Olympus. I hate dealing w/them. I wish they didn't have such a monopoly on scopes and equipment. And there is NO option of going to Pentax in our lab, trust me! We are in the process of adding on three more rooms....all under contract w/Olympus.

Any similar complaints???

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I am wondering too about the service of olympus, about 10 or so years ago, we went to pentax and we have had the most wonderful service and now we are considering going back to olympus and i would really like comments on the service and the scopes. thanks


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We had a push a while back to switch back to the Olympus system, as the rest of the hospitals in our system use them. The docs raised heck, and were very vocal that they wanted to continue to use "their" Pentax scopes. All of the staff was glad that the higher ups agreed not to switch.


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We used to have Olympus scope at our hospital. We used other companies for service. I don't remember getting great service from Olympus. Trying to get in touch with the rep. was a pain as I remember. We bought brand new Fujinon scopes last year. We have awesome service and support. They sent 2 reps down for a week to train staff and docs in the use and cleaning of the scopes. It has been about 18 months since we bought these scopes and we can call our rep. (who lives about 100 miles away) and he will talk us through a problem on the phone or come down and work on it. He also drops in abt every 2-3 weeks.

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