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I feel like I have no idea what to expect at all in the Fall 09 when I start clinicals. Can anyone that went to OLOL tell me what a typical weeks schedule looks like along with any other advice?


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Congrats on getting in. Would you please share your experience so far? Also, curious to know gpa, teas score, prereqs taken etc., if you don't mind. I applied for Spring 2010 and wanted to know how I compare to those accepted. I am pretty new to posting so if you would like to send a private mssg, I am sure I can figure out how to get to it.


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In order to send a PM you must have 15 posts I believe.

As far as clinicals go, its tough but worth it! The schedules vary greatly. It really depends on what section of the class you are in and your clinical instructor. Time flies by and you really HAVE to stay on top of everything!

Comparing yourself to those accepted really isnt a way to gauge your chances of acceptance. To be honest, I dont really even recall what my GPA was at the time I applied. Since applying in Jan for the class beginning in Fall 09, I've completed another 18 credit hours. The same goes with the TEAS test. I really dont recall what I scored. I do know that I did well though. I scored well above the benchmark. I have completed all but one Arts and Science course required for the ASN degree.

Got to go study some more now. Hope this helps some.


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You are right, it IS worth it.

Thanks for the reply and good luck in your studies.

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