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Older RN Student considering Hospice Nursing



This is my first post to AN. I am 50 years old and after sending 4 children to college, I decided to pursue the career that I always wanted. I am currently working as a Massage/Therapist/Doula and even though I thought that I would be more comfortible working in Ob/Gyn, I am feeling a calling to Hospice. Does anyone have any advice for a 50 yr old student thinking about working in Hospice?



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Normally they like you to have one year of experience before going into Hospice because it is such and independent work environment. However you do have the life experience and feel the calling so if you are able to ride with a Hospice nurse to get a feel for it then that is a good place to begin. It helps if you know your own feelings about death and dying, and have been exposed to it in your circle of friends and family. Hospice is one field where you either love it or hate it so it helps to find out as much as you can before going into this field. I applaud your desire to work in this field because I love it and will work here until I retire.:yeah:

Thank you for your response. I believe their are some hospice nurses in the nursing ministry at my church. I am going to reach out to them and see if I can shadow them.