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  1. Hello! I don't know how many of you are turning in your applications for the summer 2012 OU ABSN program, but I found a helpful page on OU's website which contains a schedule for this year's ABSN students. It might be good to check it out in order to get a better understanding of an ABSN student's schedule--I found it extremely helpful. Best of luck to everyone applying this year!
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  3. by   OUabsn12
    Thanks for posting the link to that schedule, CC10479! I am also applying to the OUHSC ABSN program for summer 2012. I just noticed that the Orientation page has been updated for it and wanted to post it in case anyone was curious about the dates (if we get accepted) for orientation, first day of classes, etc like I was. Right now it says that the tentative start date is June 1st, but that is a Friday; so I'm curious as to whether they will actually have it start that day or wait until Monday, the 4th, so we don't start class and then go straight to the weekend. Here's the link to that page:

    The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing - Current Students - Orientation

    I was also wondering if anyone has talked to the nursing school office to see where they are at in the admissions decisions process or when letters might be going out?
  4. by   CC10479
    Thanks for posting the link to the schedule! I hope this means the acceptance/denial letters will soon follow. I called the office yesterday to ask when they estimate they'll be sending the letters, but no one answered. Did you hear anything new? Based on the application process last year, acceptance letters were received in late February. However, I know the office was out last year for about two weeks because of snow so hopefully that means the letters will come sooner.
  5. by   OUabsn12
    Hopefully so! I have not heard anything; but I did apply last year and our letters didn't come until late February, but like you said they were pushed back because of the crazy snow storm closing campus for so long. However, I have checked back on previous years application processes on these boards and it sounds like they got their letters closer to the middle of February, which is also when the nursing advisor said to expect them when I met with her in December. She also said to feel free to call once it got to late January and they would give you any information that they had, other than your actual acceptance or denial; so I am thinking I will probably call sometime this week if I get the chance.
    I am starting to get really anxious, espcially since this is my second time around; but I am hoping for better results this time. Last year I was still taking pre-reqs in the spring and when I called they told me that was why I was not accepted, so now that I am completely done I am thinking I should be fine, but of course you never know! Good luck to you, and I will post on here if I hear any updates on the letters.
  6. by   CC10479
    I received a voicemail from the admissions coordinator today stating that the files are being reviewed next week and letters should be sent out at the end of February. Hopefully they'll let us know soon!
  7. by   OUabsn12
    Wow, that's really late! Especially since there weren't any weather issues to delay them like last year. I wonder what the hold up is...Thanks for posting the info!
  8. by   OURN2013
    Anyone getting nervous yet?
  9. by   CC10479
    Surprisingly I'm not as nervous this year as I was last year...I think it's because I have all of the pre-req's finished and I'm applying as an in-state resident. There's really not much more I can do to make my application look any better...we'll see how long this state of mind lasts. :-)

    Not sure if it will hold true this year, but last year, those of us who were denied admissions to the program noticed that on our online application page where it lists the programs we've applied to, the accelerated program was no longer listed. I was wait-listed for the traditional program and it stayed on my application profile. Hopefully they will be true to their word and send out the letters in the next week or so. Did you also apply to OCCC?
  10. by   The New Girl C
    Any updates!?
  11. by   OUabsn12
    I called today and asked whether admissions decisions had been made and when letters might be sent out. All they told me was that letters had not been sent out yet and it would probably be the beginning of March... I'm not sure if that meant sent out at the beginning of March or recieved then, but regardless that is much later than it has been in previous years. I don't understand what the hold up is, but all of this extra waiting is just making me more anxious.
  12. by   OURN2013
    Well, I suppose if you look at the glass half full, if and God-willing we get in, that's less time to wait for nursing school to begin. If the wait is making you more anxious, you can do what I'm doing; ignore the wait by digging into some pharmacology/med-surg books and learn what you can. It's going to be a long 14 months. CC10479, I've applied to OU Tulsa Campus. Graduated from Oklahoma State with a B.S. in Accounting and decided my wife's nursing career was way more fun, fulfilling, and interesting. What did you major in?
  13. by   CC10479
    I just received my acceptance to the accelerated ADN program at OCCC. Seems like it has taken me so long to get to this point--can't wait to hear what OU says! I'd rather do an accelerated BSN at OU, but the ADN program I was accepted to has a great reputation so either way I'm looking forward to starting.

    My first bachelor's was in English (2002), and after I was cured from wanting to pursue a career as an attorney, I slowly started taking the pre-req's for a BSN program. I'm working as a nursing assistant at one of the hospitals in Oklahoma City, and the experience is phenominal. I was waitlisted last year for the nursing program at OU, and I am SO thankful I did not get in because working as an aide has given me an additional perspective on the day to day role of a nurse. It's also been great for me to observe the hospital staff from a non-patient perspective. I have a heart disease, have had open heart, heart attacks, and have an AICD. All of my experiences in the hospital as a patient have been great, but it's interesting to observe how the staff operates. I'm still not sure what I want to do as far as long term goes (thinking CRNA, but who isn't these days :-). Time will tell, and I'll find my niche.

    Best of luck to everyone waiting on the letters from OU--hopefully they will go out this week!
  14. by   TiffT
    Well, I received an update today. It appears the admission letters are suppose to go out next week. This is alot later than last year, hopefully we will hear good news!