University of Oklahoma ABSN Summer 2012 - page 7

Hello! I don't know how many of you are turning in your applications for the summer 2012 OU ABSN program, but I found a helpful page on OU's website which contains a schedule for this year's ABSN... Read More

  1. by   JAndersonOU
    Compost 189, who did you talk to about the patches and when to wear scrubs? I've been curious about that myself...
  2. by   Compost189
    We'll pick up our patches, scrubs, etc. the first week of school. I was told that we will only wear our scrubs to clinical's and to just dress casually for class/lectures.
  3. by   BoomerSooner31
    I will be applying for the Spring 2013 Lawton-Duncan ABSN Program. Would any of you mind sharing what your GPA's looked like so I can gauge what my chances are at making it in? Also, if you don't mind letting me know what the program is like once you get started! Congrats to everyone who made it in!
  4. by   Compost189
    Here is a link that you may find helpful: The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing - Prospective Students. It has the admission stats for the past 3 years, but not 2012 yet. My cumulative GPA was only a 3.37. I really thought I had 0 chance on getting in, but by some miracle I was accepted. They will factor your Science GPA, Cumulative GPA and your past 60 hours. My past 60 credit hours and science GPA were much higher, which I think helped me out.

    Also check out this link: The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing - Current Students - Orientation and click 'watch student orientation'. The first few minutes they talk about our admission stats. Be sure to meet with the adviser as well so she will remember you. I can't say it will help, but it doesn't hurt. Also, Lawton-Ducan has a much lower admitted GPA acceptance than OKC or Tulsa. Hope this info helps!
  5. by   carlygh
    Hey I'm applying for the Duncan absn program for 2013 as well! I'm freaking out a little because my science GPA is lower than I'd like but my cumulative is a 3.4 and my last 60 hours is very good so I'm hoping my measly 3.15 will be balanced (stupid chem 2) anyway I can't wait to hear more feedback!
  6. by   jenndavis
    I'm also wanting to apply to the ABSN in Duncan for 2013. I totally understand your fear about grades. My cummulative and last 60 hours look great, I think; my science GPA is what keeps me up at night. I made a bad decision in my sophomore year of undergrad studies and never withdrew from anatomy. So that grade is haunting me. I have completed all the other pre-reqs in Alaska. Heres hoping things work out well for us. I do hope they put up the 2012 stats soon. I'm sure we'll be fine.
  7. by   BoomerSooner31
    I was just accepted in the Spring 2013 Duncan ABSN program, and I was wondering if any of you guys who just started this summer could give me any advice on what to expect and what the program has been like so far?