TU Nursing program?? Anyone...

  1. I was wondering if there were any graduates or current students in TU's nursing program. My cousin graduated in 2002 and LOVED it, but things have probably changed since then so I am wondering if anyone here graduated from the program (or are currently enrolled).

    I was accepted and am contemplating attendance, but I just can't get over the fact that I will be classified as a soph (that's when they start nursing courses) instead of a Jr. what I really will be...

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  3. by   teebee
    Brandi, I have a good friend at TU and she really really really loves it. We were both at UCO together and now she is in Tulsa at TU and I am in OKC at OCU and we both have commented about how we both feel that we are exactly where we belong. I understand it will be kind of a letdown to be a sophomore, and that did kind of aggravate my friend, but so far she's raved about the program and her profs. I think they get to do some kind of clinical rotation in London, which I think would be so awesome - almost worth that extra year!! If it were me and I were in Tulsa, I would not hesitate to go to TU - I grew up in Tulsa and always wanted to go there.
  4. by   BrandiBooh
    Thanks so much for your response! Yea, my cousin really did enjoy the program, luckily she graduated in the normal 4 yrs since she started there as a freshman. I also heard about a trip every year where they do overseas...

    I'm only 19 so I am young, I guess an extra year wouldn't hurt...:spin: