Rose State College Nursing Fall 2015

  1. Hey everyone! I was just seeing if anybody else out here was submitting an application for the nursing program at Rose State College for the fall 2015 semester. I would love to hear back from those who are and be able to communicate with during the long waiting period! Thanks!!!
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  3. by   tjbrobromama
    I'm applying for the Fall semester too. Really nervous about it. I'm going to retake the Reading and Math so I can boost my application points up cause I know 106 points won't get me in.
  4. by   NicolM
    Hi @tjbrobromama! Yeah I'm going to take those two sections as well soon. Ha applying to nursing school is so stressful. I do know last semester the cutoff was 116 points. So you don't have that far to go!
  5. by   NicolM
    Just an update, I took the compass test today, and I now have a total of 121 points! Did you retake the compass test yet?
  6. by   tjbrobromama
    Yes but I ended up with only 116 points. A little disappointed in that but hopefully it's enough to get in
  7. by   NicolM
    I wish you all the luck!
  8. by   tjbrobromama
    I appreciate that!! Good luck to you too!!
  9. by   okielpn75
    Hi i applied for fall 2015 but I'm going the career ladder track? Hope you both get in!
  10. by   NicolM
    Thank you very much @okielpn75, same to you!
  11. by   stephhastings
    Hey guys! I applied to Rose State Nursing for Fall 2015 and feeling nervous! Hope you all are accepted
  12. by   NicolM
    Did you apply for the beginning or career ladder track? And thanks same to you!
  13. by   stephhastings
    Beginning track. Which did you apply for?
  14. by   NicolM
    I applied for the beginning track as well!