OU Traditional BSN Fall 2018

  1. Trying to connect with others that have applied for the 2018 Traditional BSN program at OU (Tulsa, Lawton & OKC)! Thought it was worth a shot seeing that there have been forums made in recent years.

    Would even love to hear of some of the GPAs that were accepted for the last run as I am wondering if I will be competitive enough to get in!

    Look forward to hearing back from some fellow applicants!
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  3. by   britter
    Hi! I applied for the Traditional as well, for Tulsa and OKC. I have taken all of my prerequisites at OU, however, I retook Physiology at OCCC. My GPA is nowhere near the best, but it fits the requirements. Hopefully a miracle happens and I get in! Good luck!
  4. by   Nicolle1
    So glad to hear back from someone who has applied as well! I'm hoping for a miracle as well! My cumulative GPA is above average but unfortunately my science GPA isn't as high - which worries me as I've heard they mainly go off of science! I'm crossing my fingers that they'll end up accepting some lower 3.0 science GPAs into the program. Good luck to you as well!
  5. by   PeterVenkman
    I applied for Traditional BSN at the Tulsa campus. I took all prereqs at TCC save the required upper division course. I have a 3.68 cumulative due to a semester I started right out of high school during which I received two Fs because I stopped attending without withdrawing. (young and dumb) Luckily my science GPA is 4.0 still. It's hard not to worry but here hoping! Best of luck
  6. by   nursing0572
    Do you guys know around when they will send out acceptance letters?
  7. by   sjgandhi95
    I read somewhere that we should be notified around 15th April!
  8. by   Nicolle1
    I also heard by the 15th of April! Hoping we find out sooner!
  9. by   PeterVenkman
    Just got an acceptance letter into Tulsa campus, pretty excited!
  10. by   nursing0572
    Ahh congrats!! I got an email saying I was conditionally accepted into the OKC campus! (That means I've been accepted, just need to finish my remaining hours correct?)
  11. by   britter
    I got accepted as an alternate, so I am not sure if I will be going.. but I hope so! I heard I should officially figure out by June. Congratulations to you guys who officially got in!
  12. by   PeterVenkman
    Congratulations! Yea, conditional generally means you just gotta finish your prereqs with the required GPA.
  13. by   nursing0572
    Thank you britter! I'm sure a spot will open up for you!!
  14. by   JaneenW
    Congrats to everyone! I was accepted into the Lawton location. Has anyone got their second email yet from OU to accept their spot?