OU LPN to BSN NACE Exam 2018

  1. Hi does anyone have any suggestions, books, materials or tips on what to study for the NACE I exam? I've been a LPN for 7 years, and i haven't done direct nursing care in 5 years. A lot of material I may not remember from NCLEX. I'm planning to take the exam in a few weeks, before the deadline of October 2015
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  3. by   janilynn1
    I am looking for NACE material as well. I have been LPN for 6 years and looking to get into a bridge program that requires this for the entrance points. I know this in an older thread , but have you found anything?
  4. by   TraciLPN
    I used the 2017 Saunders NCLEX. I also benefitted from a series by Mary Ann Hogan that I found cheap at Thriftbooks.com; Look for "Reviews and Rationals" series. If you are able, spread the tests out and try to avoid taking them all at once. 4 of the 8 people who tested with me took them all in one 2 day session and the didn't pass 2/4 tests. All 4 people missed psych and peds by a few points.
    Another great resource is the paid practice exams on the NLN website. They are 8 dollars and about 50 questions each and I saw almost identical questions on my tests.
  5. by   Jean-Lys
    hello did you apply for the fall semester
  6. by   1soon2brn
    no I missed the deadline, but I'm aiming to apply for Spring.
  7. by   maurynawyno
    Hi all, I am applying for the Jan 2019 LVN-BSN class will be relocating from dallas. currently studying for the NLN exam for the end month, anyone else?
  8. by   TraciLPN
    Hi! Did you take your challenge exams? How did it go? I am applying for the Jan 2019 cohort as well. I passed Care of the Child last week and am all set to apply as soon as the applications open up.