OU LPN to BSN NACE Exam 2018

  1. Hi does anyone have any suggestions, books, materials or tips on what to study for the NACE I exam? I've been a LPN for 7 years, and i haven't done direct nursing care in 5 years. A lot of material I may not remember from NCLEX. I'm planning to take the exam in a few weeks, before the deadline of October 2015
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  3. by   janilynn1
    I am looking for NACE material as well. I have been LPN for 6 years and looking to get into a bridge program that requires this for the entrance points. I know this in an older thread , but have you found anything?
  4. by   TraciLPN
    I used the 2017 Saunders NCLEX. I also benefitted from a series by Mary Ann Hogan that I found cheap at Thriftbooks.com; Look for "Reviews and Rationals" series. If you are able, spread the tests out and try to avoid taking them all at once. 4 of the 8 people who tested with me took them all in one 2 day session and the didn't pass 2/4 tests. All 4 people missed psych and peds by a few points.
    Another great resource is the paid practice exams on the NLN website. They are 8 dollars and about 50 questions each and I saw almost identical questions on my tests.
  5. by   Jean-Lys
    hello did you apply for the fall semester
  6. by   1soon2brn
    no I missed the deadline, but I'm aiming to apply for Spring.
  7. by   maurynawyno
    Hi all, I am applying for the Jan 2019 LVN-BSN class will be relocating from dallas. currently studying for the NLN exam for the end month, anyone else?