OU- LPN to BSN Ace II exam rundown

  1. I have received so many pointers and tips for all nurses I feel like its time I give back. So today I took my med-surg adult nursing and mental health nursing NLN challenge exams for admission into the LPN to BSN program at OU. These exams grant you 30 or so credit hours toward your BSN . There are 4 exams in total and you can retake each test two times. A 70% is needed to pass.

    Medsurg has 200 questions with a 4 hour period
    Mental health 100 questions - 2 hours
    Peds 100 questions - 2 hours
    Maternity 97 questions - 2 hours

    You are allowed breaks in-between and its not like the NCLEX no calculators allowed. I signed up for two tests at a time. I passed my Med-surg with an 81 and Mental Health with an 78. The test questions are similar to nclex style questions. Know your basic medications as well as well as dosage calculations. Look over calculating drip rate because i know they dont teach it in LPN school but it was def asked. I looked at the list of diseases they listed on the NLN website and studied from it and -___- is all I can say. They forgot to mention neurologic and renal/kidney diseases were about 15% of the test. ICP . Eye medications. Gluacoma and Catarats. I did a lot of questions. Well not that many. Probably around 500. I started studying 2 weeks before the exam about 1-2 hours a day when I could sometimes more. I watched youtube videos on specific diseases because I am big on auditory learning. That was for Med surg. For Mental Health I literally studied 2 days before mental health doesn't change its the same thing. If you got it in Lpn school you get it on this exam do questions nonetheless. On both of these exams some common questions I remember from lpn school were on the test. The books I used when studying included :

    Saunders NCLEX review
    Lippincott's Fast Facts for NCLEX-RN -
    NCLEX RN question and answers flashcards -
    Brunners MEDSURG text book -
    And YOUTUBE for lectures.

    I took Maternity and pediatrics in january . I passed maternity and came up short by a point with Peds so ill be retaking that. These are the topics i remember from pediatrics.

    Cystic fibrosis
    nephrotic syndrome
    sickle cell vaso occlusion
    acute lymphocytic leukemia
    pancreatic enzymes
    icp in child
    hip dysplasi

    I was also told that as long as you pass the NLN tests and complete your prerequisites you are in the program because its not competitive. I really wish someone would of helped me but I hope I can help someone out there.

    Email me if you have any questions Haircandie1 @gmail.com
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  3. by   NursingChk
    UPDATE: I retook the pediatric test and I passed.This retake with very similar to the first test but the first test was definitely harder. A lot of the same questions were on the second test. I advise anyone taking the test be aware of what subjects you are being asked incase you dont pass you can prepare yourself the second go round because 9/10 the questions you see will reappear. . So I just have to put in my application. I am so excited. I will be writing updates about the program and all my experiences with it. email me with any questions .
  4. by   micronurse2b12
    I'm a graduate of this program. It's a great but challenging one.
  5. by   Thenurse7
    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to start studying soon to take the exam in the spring. By no calculators allowed, do you mean you can't bring your own? Did you have to do the calculations by hand?
  6. by   Callee
    Do you have any information that you could share? I have taken the mental health and maternity exams already. I am scheduled to take the med surg exam Jan 25, 2017. I have no idea what to study!! I am super nervous. Any advice? Is there possibly a study guide of sorts?
  7. by   N8tiveNurse
    I too am taking the med surg exam Jan. 25, 2018. I am suuuppper nervous. I have been studying my foundations textbook from my nursing program. I have found that it has all the info I need. Best of Luck! I pray I get in the program in the Fall 2018