OSU-OKC Fall 2014 Applicants

  1. Hello All!

    This is my first time getting on Allnurses as a member, I have looked through this site numerous times. I put in my application to start the nursing program in the Fall 2014 and I was just wondering who else was waiting to hear about acceptance? I am getting super nervous waiting for letters to go out. I feel like they should be here any day now.
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  3. by   Mandycorbay
    I applied for the fall of 2014 also. I agree, we should get our letters any day now! Do you know the point cutoff?
  4. by   cowen928
    I haven't heard what the cutoff for the Fall semester is yet, but I do know that last semester it was 87 points. I can't believe we still haven't gotten letters yet. I just want to know already!
  5. by   JW1210
    I have some good news for you, I called the nursing department secretary yesterday and was told the letters were mailed out on monday late afternoon so they should be in the mail and on their way! I was told that the cutoff for the fall semester is 85. I am so nervous because I had 85 points and I am not sure if that means that everyone who had 85 got in, or just some! Torture! haha
    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   cowen928
    I also just spoke with the Health Science advisor today and she said they probably got to the post office Tuesday morning. I did here of a friend of a friend got her acceptance today, so I can't wait to rush home to find out. I do know the cutoff was 85 points, last semester when the cutoff was 87, there was a few people I knew who had 87 and got in, but some had 88 and still didn't get in so I think they also look at GPA etc... not just total points. So if you have a good GPA, you should be good!!
  7. by   JW1210
    I know the ride home will be long today, cause I am dying to get to the mailbox as well! If they went out yesterday morning, there is a good chance that we will hear today! That would be so disappointing to have more points than the cutoff and still not get in
  8. by   JMJones
    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone will be starting the nursing program in fall 2014?
  9. by   Mandycorbay
    I'm am enrolled at Osu-Okc for the 2014 fall semester! I turned in all my paper work and signed up for the CPR class. They had to cancel the CPR class today because there weren't enough people.
  10. by   cowen928
    Hey! I got accepted for the Fall class. I haven't got all of my paperwork turned in yet, but I should have all that done within a week or 2. I am signed up for the CPR Class on May 30, is anyone going to be in that class?
  11. by   JanayW
    Hi everyone! I am starting the program in the fall 2014 as well! I haven't finished the paperwork yet, but I'm almost done. I am in a CPR class on Friday through where I work, and then I will only have one more TB test to do. Anyone know when we find out which day will be our lab/clinical day?
  12. by   L&DHopefully
    Hi all! I too am attending the Fall class at OSU-OKC! Very excited!