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  1. I am a 15 year med surgical nurse in Illinois with a masters degree, getting married and am looking to relocate to Oklahoma City within the next 12 months or so. What are the best medical centers to apply to as well the colleges in the area that are looking for instructors? I would like to teach FT and work prn in the medical center.

    I'd also appreciate some suggestions for safe housing that is not too expensive and a really nice gym for weight training.....

    I know I'm asking for alot, but I sure would appreciate any suggestions out there!!!

    Thanks in advance :spin:
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  3. by   it*will*happen
    Hi! OKC is second to Houston in area.. so until you know what part of town you'll be working it is hard to say where a good neighborhood is. The nice thing is there are great area's on all sides of town so when you're closer to nailing down some plans, ask again.

    I loved working out at Fit-for-her. It's about $45 a month. The YMCA is also great though... especially the South Side branch. It's brand new.

    I would check the state pass rates for your programs and find out what schools you might want to teach at.

    Good luck with your moving plans!
  4. by   mzoverload
    Thank you so much for your help and, yes I will keep you posted.
    Anyone else have any suggestions as well?
  5. by   afineparadigm
    We stay in a progressive, black populated, neighborhood, near Bricktown. My husband rides his bike to the YMCA to work out, I can walk to work (VA Hospital). There is a high school and elementary school in our area, and we're close to main highways. Our area is safe, we're close to the major hospitals and our property valuse shot up 10K when we got our professional B-Ball team last year.

    PM me if you want more info - our builder is pouring the foundation on a home in our neighborhood right now - good luck on your move!
  6. by   mzoverload
    I sure appreciate your reply. Do you like working at the VA hospital? I am also looking for a nice place to work as well. I was just there this past weekend and visited Edmond and the hospital there. I will be back in two weeks and will check out the "Y". My fiancee lives in OKC and I will have him contact the "Y" so when I get back we can go there.....thanks again and congrats on your new home!!
  7. by   mzoverload
    I finally found a great teaching job! Now I am looking for a prn position in one of the medical centers. Any ideas of a really good medical center?
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from mzoverload
    I finally found a great teaching job! Now I am looking for a prn position in one of the medical centers. Any ideas of a really good medical center?
    I believe that Midwest City Regional Medical Center is always looking for people. If you wish, you can click on the link below to get to the hospital's website.

    Midwest Regional Medical Center
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    There is OUMedical Center, Saint Anthony, Mercy, Integris (Baptist medical center and Southwest medical center), Edmond Memorial, Norman Regional, Midwest City Regional, Deaconess, am I missing some??? I think all have their good and bad points. I work for Saints now and like it (I'm in psych). Ive also worked for OUMC in ICU, liked it fine. I have friends at all the hospitals and they all seem happy for the most part.

    Good luck!

    I live in SW OKC and love where I live. Like the above poster said, you wont really know until you live here where you want to live. There are really good neighborhoods on both the S and N sides. Edmond is popular as is Norman (college town....I love Norman). Just kinda drive around and look at different neighborhoods!

    Through Saint Anthony (its one of our benefits) I get 1/2 off at the "Y" and that is where I work out....I like Earlywine YMCA. Its new, clean, friendly and helpful staff.
  10. by   krimicrat
    Oklahoma Heart Hospital South is looking for RN's. It is a top notch facility!
  11. by   mzoverload
    Thanks everyone. I will be living in SW OKC once I am moved by the end of July....I was only looking for prn, part-time, or perdiem work....We just implemented charting with EPIC here (since March). I understand that Mercy just began using the system.....does anyone know what electronic charting systems are being used at the other facilities or are they still using paper?
  12. by   krimicrat
    OHH uses electronic. Mercy and ohh are affiliated.
  13. by   StephieRN_1216
    OCCC needs instructors!!!!! It's a community college ADN program, they have traditional and career ladder - it's known for high pass rate and the record amount of oklahoma graduating nurses each year!
    They also have adjunct clinical instructors - nurses that work at hospitals as well - if you wanted to do part time? dont' really know the details. good luck!
  14. by   mzoverload
    Actually did interview with them. Didn't hear from them for about 5-6 weeks...thought they forgot about me...then got a call (after I accepted a really wonderful offer) asking if I were still interested......the rest is history....