1. Hi. I'm new here and was wondering about the process for ICTC Muskogee mainly. If from other campuses I don't mind you responding as well. I've already had the interview and had a response at the end of 'great interview and ended on a positive note' compared to someone I know who had gotten 'you'd make a great nurse'. Others have said they had a 'good interview' response. I also asked questions and how I read the syllabus and etc in the end. They told me the start date and everything and how long it would take to send letters without me asking. I was wondering anyone formerly or currently going to ICTC feel about that response or what your process was and comments of your interview. Thanks!
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  3. by   pbnurse07
    I had my interview on Tuesday for the Sallisaw campus and I think it went well but the instructors were hard to read and I was nervous so I don't think that some of my responses were as good as they could have been. They did tell me all about the start date, what I could expect while in the program and about the acceptance letters so I guess its just a waiting game now....
  4. by   jazzyjewel1806
    Yeah same here. One was like me excited and bubbly while the instructor was like very hard to read. Did they allow you to ask any questions in the end? Think I may have done too much with that.
  5. by   pbnurse07
    Yes they did ask me if I had any questions for them but I didn't really have anything to say. I was so nervous so I couldn't really think of anything to ask.
  6. by   pbnurse07
    I was accepted!!!! Did you ever hear anything back?
  7. by   jtaylor96
    Hi, can I ask what your test scores were or if you had a lot of points? I'm not trying to be nosy. I applied to the sallisaw campus this year.
  8. by   pbnurse07
    In reading I got a 75% and in math I had a 82%. I already had an associates degree going in but that's about the only extra points I got