Anyone applying to Rose State's Fall 2011 Nursing program? - page 2

hi everyone, this is my first post!! :jester: just wondering if anyone else is applying to rose state this fall? i am one class away from finally being done with pre reqs, so i will be ready by... Read More

  1. by   eab12191
    deej1--I also got my letter and packet yesterday!! congrats!
  2. by   MsV.
    deej1- Congrats!!! That is fantastic!

    eab12191- Congrats to you too!!!
  3. by   sbsm
    Me too! I am traditional so I guess I will see you guys there!! do y'all know if we can just get our TB tests at one time?
  4. by   MsV.
    sbsm- I think you have to have two. They need to be at least a week apart I think I had been accepted into the Lab tech program (don't know what I was thinking on that one lol) and I believe that was the requirement, so I imagine the tests would be the same.
  5. by   sbsm
    Okay that makes sense, thank you!
  6. by   jamie73145
    I'll be appling in Aug. for the spring semester. I have 132 points and I hope thats enough to get into the traditional program. If not I will be appling again in May with 142, points so I'm pretty sure I'll get in then. However, I don't want to wait any longer than I have too. Good Luck to us both! If we're lucky the cutoff will be around 128 or so Does anyone know the cut off for the traditional program?
  7. by   MsV.
    The cutoff was 129. The two semesters before that it was 131 (I have a friend that just finished the first semester)
  8. by   jamie73145
    Does anyone know how many students get accepted each semester?
  9. by   eab12191
    It varies because of the traditional, career ladder option, evening/weekend, and online. Don't quote me on this, but I *think* the lady said there were 20 accepted into traditional. I'm pretty sure OCCC admits a lot more, like 60 something each semester?
  10. by   jamie73145
    Thanks for the info!
  11. by   Josh1183
    Lol i guess i shouldve phrased the post better (was running on no sleep). I meant is there anyone applying this fall for the spring program. But congrats to those who got in! I just turned my app in today!! Amanda & jamie, i hope to see you guys this spring! Good luck
  12. by   jamie73145
    I hope to see y'all too!