2013 OU ABSN Applications - page 2

I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan... Read More

  1. by   BoomerSooner31
    I don't know! I've heard letters used to come early December, but since they moved the deadline up by 1 month then it would make sense for the letters to come earlier! I know! I'm going crazy! I keeo checking my application to see if anything has changed! I haven't heard anything new. I wanted to email and ask how many slots they have but I don't want to overdo it! Blah! I wish the wait could be over now!
  2. by   carlygh
    I know what you mean!!!! So do you have any of the immunization stuff done like the tb tests? I didn't know if we were supposed to already have them? I dont really want to spend the money until I find out if I'm in or not!
  3. by   BoomerSooner31
    I went ahead and got a Titer for all of my immunizations since I couldn't find a copy of my shot record, but it should work the same as a shot record. I also had to get TB for the job I'm currently at now. So i think I have it all done. I would say if you can at least start rounding up which shots you will need and have had then I wouldn't worry to much about waiting until you get your letter.
    It's so hard because I would love to buy the books and begin reading and studying while I have some free time, but I don't want to be too disappointed if I don't get in...
  4. by   carlygh
    I know! I'm so stressed out about it! I really wish I knew how many applied but I don't want to be annoying!
  5. by   carlygh
    If anyone hears anything new let us know!
  6. by   carlygh
    So now they are saying they are hoping to have letters out by thanksgiving!
  7. by   BoomerSooner31
    Hmm I wonder if they are meaning the Spring 2013 ones? Earlier they had said the Summer 2013 letters would be out then. Did you email them?
  8. by   carlygh
    I emailed them and they said hopefully shortly before thanksgiving! Did you email them too?
  9. by   BoomerSooner31
    Yeah I emailed them back in late august. That's so weird they gave 2 separate answers! Well let's all hope we get them sooner!!
  10. by   carlygh
    Any news on how many applied?
  11. by   BoomerSooner31
    I haven't heard anything yet.
  12. by   carlygh
    I talked to them today and they had 40 apply with Duncan as their first choice and they are accepting 16!
  13. by   rachel.e.hunter
    Hey guys! I applied to the ABSN Duncan program as well! I am so nervous, I can't stand it any longer! Good luck to all of you!