OK,,,I need your help/advice/new sup driving me crazy


We have a new supervisor in the LTC that I work with and she is driving me crazy. She has absolutely no organizational skills, no management skills whatsoever. I have worked with her many times before and it is not that she is new to the facility, she has always been this way. Tonight, she was super for our facility, did not hang one IV med, did no IV flushes, tore around the facility like her butt was on fire, from one thing to the other. Pharmacy came in, replaced narcs in the emergency box and she ran around for 20 minutes trying to remember where she left them. Called an MD at 10:45 pm to report a PT/INR level to her, but the coumadin level had already been changed earlier in the day by the daylight shift, she just did not bother to check the new orders. I am no way perfect, but I just feel that she is unsafe, that she needs more training or needs to have another RN with her for awhile longer. How do I let the DON know this without ratting on this new super. I have only been at this facility for 6 weeks now, and I do not want to come across as a know-it-all or one who is out to get everyone else....

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