OHSU's RNBS Program


Wondering if anyone can give me some information on the program. What is it like? Is it difficult? Were you able to work full time while completing the requirements? Is it as competitive as acceptance into an ADN or strictly BSN program.

I have been in contact with the admissions office and told them where my GPA was and all the woman could tell me was to apply. I am hoping she is telling me this as a good thing and not as a waste of 120$ application fee.

I sent in my transcripts for an evaluation just to be on the safe side. I know I need 3 classes just to start the program; genetics, statistics and technical writing. I would have had these classes already completed if it weret for my acceptance into an ADN program almost 3 years ago. I know I have some more classes I will need to take but those are the big ones so I can at least start the program. If I qualify, which I think I do.