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OHSU, portland Oregon, help on getting in nursing


I am wanting to apply to OHSU's BSN program but have so many questions that I'm hoping someone can help answer. I want to know if they only look at prerequisite GPA or if your cumulative GPA plays a big role in rather or not you'll get accepted? Also would getting my CNA certification help increase my acceptance rate? And I want to apply for Fall of 2016's program, but won't have all my prereqs done tell spring of 2016, would I still be able to apply? Or am I gonna have to wait tell 2017's program? I know that OHSU is extremely competitive which is why I am trying to get all the advice I can get to get into their program. So if anyone has any additional information I would love to hear it :) thank you everyone in advance!

How much time has you spent perusing the ohsu site? Because I think every one of your questions are answered on the website. Google is your friend.

It says that the only use prerequisite grades, but when I looked at their app it asks for a list of all the classes you have taken in college and your grade, so its a little confusing and then I couldnt really find rather or not you have to have all your classes done. There was also nothing about CNA certification or what would help with getting in. I'm hoping that maybe someone could help talk me through their process of choosing because I've been doing tons of research and have found acceptance rates and average GPAs and all that kind of stuff but they don't have anything that tells you what they credit you points for or rather or not they use a point system.