OHSU BSN 2023 (Portland) Program vs. CCC 2023 Program

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Hi there,

I just received my admittance email into OHSU's Portland BSN program. I am incredibly excited about it! However, I still have my interview with CCC in the next week. I was wondering if anyone knows how the programs differ, what the pros and cons are of either program, and maybe other insights from current students or those who know about each program in more detail.

CCC is significantly cheaper and a bit closer to my home and I hear it's a great program, but OHSU is my dream school and is nationally ranked. I have a really good shot at getting into CCC's program, and in case I do, I have to make the tough decision of which school to choose.

Anyone in a similar situation or have insights?

Thank you!

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Congratulations! I think it depends on what you feel is important to you? I think most schools in the area are great (accept maybe PCC bc they're really effing over their student right now). I was hoping for OHSU personally because it's 6 minutes away from me and I figure I'll be so tired from all the learning that I'd want a short commute. Just my thoughts! Good luck with your interview! 

Thank you so much! Proximity and cost are the only things that hinder me from choosing OHSU vs CCC. My heart is saying OHSU but my wallet is saying CCC, haha! (If I even get admitted into CCC!) That's kinda why I was hoping for more program info. I might just talk with admissions/program coordinators about each program and see if I get good insights. Good luck on your nursing endeavors! You got this.

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