4540, Who's in?!?!

  1. Hello fellow RNs. Who's taking 4540 these five weeks ? Are we ready? Let's have a great and fast five weeks!!!!
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  3. by   WillyNilly
    So far Im still filling out the data tables....Im not too keen on the post one day then wait and post the next on DBposts. I am a Monday kind of gal in the sense of get it done, get it done right, get it done right now. We will see how this goes!
  4. by   geminiBSN75
    I would still doing everything on Monday to have it done then log on a post on different days. Good for you to get everything done early!!!! I wish I was more like that !!
  5. by   RNinCLE
    I'm in too! Since I've been working all week, just now getting a start on it.
    Ugh. Hope I can get a lot done in one day.
  6. by   WillyNilly
    Just did the post and finished the table. Need to reply to two and submit the table. I would like to have chosen a different topic however there isn't much data for the new ones 2020 posted. So mainstream it is. I could spew all day regarding facts about other topics but preventive factors and data in my area was zilch. Hopefully the kids will comply with movie time morning so I can finish completely and begin reading for week 2. *crossfingers* 3 more nursing classes....lol
  7. by   NBanasz1
    Im in. Done with week ones assignments
  8. by   NBanasz1
    Im in. Done with week ones assignments. Anyone know anything about next weeks test.
  9. by   geminiBSN75
    I haven't even looked at next weeks assignments. I still need to write four paragraphs on my objective then I'm done . What did everyone think of the statical project ?!?
  10. by   WillyNilly
    Let me just say... blasted with a "What not to do" announcement this morning. Welcome to Monday! Irked. Don't quote me on this.

    I cut and pasted yet still had to fix formatting issues. I am almost afraid to post anything
  11. by   geminiBSN75
    I know!!! What is that about?!?!? Just when I thought I was getting comfortable with citing,it changes.... Now I'm back in edge. I think I have a good TA so that can make or break you ..... We can do this !!!!!
  12. by   geminiBSN75
    So I haven't taken the quiz yet..... I'm dragging my feet b/c I'm scared to death!!!!! I just keep reading and skimming chapters 6 and 7...... Wish me luck !!!!!
  13. by   WillyNilly
    Same here. Not sure where I can go to take the quiz. Work won't allow downloads. Going to try the library.

    All I have is wireless.
  14. by   RNinCLE
    I did mine on wireless and it was fine.