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I and three co-workers attended the ONA nurses rally in Columbus. We did better than Philly, probably around 300. But I feel those are pretty dismal numbers considering there are 140,000 nurses in Ohio.

Why the apathy Ohio? I think part of the apathy is really a communication problem.

My daughter stayed up with me making signs until 11pm. Our signs seemed to get a lot of attention, surprisingly to me.

We were interviewed by one TV station and one radio station. My brother said he heard our comments on the radio. I haven't.

Linda Warino, the vice president of the ONA spoke and she was very inspiring and passionate.

Mary Foley the president of ANA was there and spoke also. Seems like she's everywhere these days. Go Mary!

A stage full of Representative were also there.

I am still "fence" sitting about membership in a professional organization. I probably will join in the near future because I feel it is important to support these type of "rally's" and consciousness raising events and they cost money.

But I would like to propose that the ANA and the State Nurses Associations consider something like, oh let's call it an "associate membership", as opposed to a "full membership". The idea is to make it affordable enough that nurses wouldn't balk at the high fees and yet still keep nurses in touch with what is going.

Say you could be an "associate" member for $20 a year. And for that you would get a decal or bumper sticker for your car and quarterly newsletter mailed to your home to let you know what the ANA, ONA (or your specific state association) has planned and the issues and legislation proposed, news articles, websites, and pertinant info, info, info. Whatever is left after the cost of the letter and bumper sticker would contrubute to rally's and community consciousness raising events.

I think part of the apathy is really a communication problem.

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