Thinking about relocating to Cinncinatti

  1. Good morning,

    I wonder if any of you have opinions on hospitals in the area, (especially the Children's Hospital) pay, areas to live?
    I have lived in Austin, Tx and currently in Charleston, SC. Not impresssed with the
    hospitals here, pay or cost of living.
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  3. by   me1017chan
    cincinnati childrens is magnet; i have former classmates who were able to get jobs there (although very competitive) and love it. i think the new grad wage for most cincinnati hospitals is around $21-23, depending on the company. if you start looking further outside of cincinnati, like northern ky and dayton, the hourly wage seems to be maybe a dollar higher. it sounds like you are an experienced RN, so those numbers might not help u much, sorry!! university's RNs are all part of a union, so if you were to get an interview they can show you the union contract/pay raises.
    cost of living, in my opinion, is very affordable. i live in a 2-bdrm condo with an attached garage in one of the northern cinci suburbs, rent is $775/mo. there are many places just like mine that are up to $950/mo in the next city over too. if you are considering moving/working here, and have your heart set on working in the city, then i would suggest living in one of the suburbs and just dealing with a 20min commute until you know the city a little better. otherwise you risk living in the "ghetto" since you aren't familiar with the area yet. other posters feel free to correct me, but this is what i found worked best when i moved here 6 yrs ago with no knowledge of which areas to live. good luck!
  4. by   ShantheRN
    I work at CCHMC and love it! That pay rate is in the right range. We get $4.00 shift diff and $5 weekend diff. Our benefits are pretty awesome too. HR is slow as molasses to be prepared to wait a while for any response. The market is pretty competitive here. Check out Hyde Park and Oakley for living. The commute is 10-15 minutes and they're both great neighborhoods. If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM!
  5. by   iamacase
    Hi, @me1017chan, I am a May 2012 "new" grad rn from the east coast. What are my odds of getting a hospital job here in Cincinnati??

    Thank you!
  6. by   norton22
    What is your specialty?
  7. by   melb42
    Right now I am a Pedi Cardiac ICU nurse....but also have 10 years of OR experience..