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Just a heads up to anyone considering attending PSI for their LPN program- DON'T. This school lets anyone into their nursing program, including a lot of people who have no legitimate interest in... Read More

  1. by   bbailey112
    The LPN day program is $20,000. My loans have covered all my costs throughout the past couple years at a community college, but did not cover the entire cost of PSI. I'm paying about $12,000 out of pocket for the program and books. My fiance on the other hand did not owe as much as I did after his loans and grants. It all depends on your financial aid status.
  2. by   determined2banurse
    The License will transfer but if you are asking if the classes will transfer the answer is no. If you want to go further you will have to take the prerequisites required by that school, however already being an LPN does afford you to skip part of the Rn courses it depends on which school you go to. I live in MI also.
  3. by   PSIgraduate13
    PSI was the best choice I ever made. Yes, people fail out of their classes but nursing school should by no means be easy. If you are considering going to a LPN school PSI will give you the best education you could ever ask for.I passed my NCLEX on the first attempt and the knowledge they gave me is more plentiful then i could ever imagine. The instructors are wonderful and very dedicated to their work. You will have no regrets if you choose PSI ,ignore the negativity, those people are angry because "lets face it" they probably failed a class and gave up. Good luck to everyone who chooses nursing as their career its hard work but the most rewarding job you could ever ask for
  4. by   newnurse4u2me
    psi great school
  5. by   newnurse4u2me
    I am a new nurse and currently looking for employment. Any leads would be helpful. I have over ten years experience as a nca and currently looking for lpn employment. thanks
  6. by   somniax0x
    I am also a graduate form PSI. I graduated in 2009. I think that they are a great school personally. I am currently attending owens for my RN and I think its great that a lot of the stuff I'm hearing and learning I was already introduced to at PSI, especially the med surg class there. true it is A LOT of info at one time but they at least want to introduce you to it so you don't look like a deer in head lights once you get out into the field. I graduated at the same time most hospitals here in Toledo Ohio stopped hiring LPNs. so of course it wasn't as easy as it was to find a job, But a couple girls I graduated with lived in Mi and got jobs in Monroe about a month after graduating and passing the NCLEX. it took me about a year but that was due to procrastination and because I went so long after passing the NCLEX and actually applying for jobs (about a year). NCLEX passing rate was 99% when I was enrolled.

    As far as the drop out and fail rate, come on. you seriously have to look at the people who are failing/dropping out. yes, we lost a lot of people first semester and even more in second. by graduation we lost about 3/4ths of our class. but at the same time it wasn't because the classes were too hard. it was because thy either didn't take it seriously and didn't study, worked too much and didn't have time to study, and, oh yeah.. about 1/2 my class got pregnant during the program and just decided they didn't want to or didn't have the energy to go on. they gave us study guides, were available after class, and if your smart you knew to use the NCLEX study guide and ATI website to help. there isn't a single nursing program where your just going to breeze through your classes. I think that's what a lot of the students I was in class with believed. just memorize and ill be good like its a prereq class or something. also a lot of people didn't know how to critically think nor did they care to.

    no nursing program is easy. if you don't have the passion for it and your only in it to make the big bucks (Yeah right lol) then your probably not going to do well. we had people in our classes who didn't want to work with sick people, who didn't like to work with vomit, feces, urine, etc . I honestly don't know what they were even doing there....
    even though I had my ups and downs and almost got kicked out twice (lol) I did pull through and I passed my NCLEX with the minimal questions first time through. I would defianely recommend this school. The only thing I did not like about it was the finances. They make you pay for the whole program before you get a refund. which is fine if you have multiple loans and stuff. but I was through WIA and Stafford loans so I never saw me refund until graduation.