Possibly moving to Cincinnati

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am graduating in April with my BSN in Michigan and am thinking about moving to Cincinnati (my bf recently moved there) upon graduation.

    I am deadset on working in critical care and would prefer a supportive environment (like a large teaching hospital).

    My instructor said that University Hospital might be a good place to apply, but I went online and their applications are kind of confusing.

    Also, I didn't see any links for any nurse residency or new grad orientation programs.

    Can any of you fill me in? Especially if you know hospitals to avoid.

    Also, what do you think I should do for boards...should I do them in Michigan or Ohio? I've heard Michigan boards "Count" in a lot of states but really I have no idea about anything that has to do with boards...

    Edit: I just found this in another thread

    Hey all. The only UC sign on bonus for 5000k that I know of is for new grads going into thier critical care internship program with a 3.0 or higher.
    ^If anyone knows anything about that, I'd definitely be interested :-d

    Thank you!
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    come on people ... a little help :spin:

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    here is what I found about internships there...


    other hospitals that offer internships or will allow you to work critical care that I know of are

    Mercy Hospital-3 months
    Miami Valley- 6months of training
    Middletown regional
    Trihealth hospitals-Trauma I
    University Hop- Trauma I
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    thank you!
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    that link above is to the summer externships. here is the internship link. there are several available.

    i'm still just a student myself, but i graduate in 9 days and have recently accepted a position at university in their cardiac critical care internship program. i start jan. 7th. as a clinical intern as part of the ccu/stepdown unit. they even have a program for graduate nurses to help them pass the nclex!! i'm required to pass the nclex within 75 days of hire or i will be placed in a pca role until i do pass the boards. i could go on and on. if you need answers to specific questions just shoot me a pm.

    program for the advancement of clinical excellence (pace) in cardiac nursing

    university hospital

    pace is a 12-month cardiology nurse residency program that will provide rns with the education and skills to enter into cardiac care. includes critical care internship program instruction, orientation to all areas of cardiology, speakers and shadowing opportunities. a clinical component with a preceptor is included. applications accepted at any time.
    requirements: recent graduate of an nln approved program, or out of acute care practice for more than one year, a minimum gpa of 3.0, satisfactory references from two senior level instructors; written statement of why you would benefit from the internship, and agree to work 18 months from date of hire on a critical care unit.