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  1. So.... many of us- i think- have started to finally feel the impact of Ohio remaining isolationist. It used to be that a compact state license really only mattered for travel nurses. But increasingly more and more of us still in OH are practicing over state lines.

    Working near a state border, working for a large company, working for an insurer while livong here basically means you will likely have to start getting additional licensure. The world is shrinking. Tele health and telecommuting are growing.

    Multi state licensure for those of us who need it os time consuming and expensive. You may only need a few extras... or you may need ALL of them (ive been there folks) and its a complicated nightmare

    I respect that the BON is not really for us. Its for the public. I respect that there have been concerns. However the time has come. If this issue doesnt impact you yet it may soon esp if you transition away from bedside care or travel. Now that the compact has changed some of its looser unacceptable pracrices and instituted things like background checks recently its time for this to be revisited and give all OH nurses ewual footing with nurses in states that provide compact states.

    It is a financial and time consuming barrier to our great nurses in OH to fail to do so.

    I found this online when trying to see if there was any update to our situation today. The following is a petition to the following once completed.
    State of Ohio Board of Nursing
    Sherrod Brown
    Marcia Fudge
    John Kasich
    Ohio State House
    Ohio State Senate
    It is a simple call for attention review and movement. Please consider taking a look and adding your support.....
    (Pardon typos my phone keyboard hates me!)

    Petition link:

    Petition * State of Ohio Board of Nursing : Please join the Nursing Licensure Compact
    (NLC) * Change.org
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