Nursing Schools in Cincinnati/ N Kentucky

  1. There is a 50% chance that my long-time boyfriend will my transferred to Cincinnati for work meaning I cannot attend school in Cleveland.

    Anyone know of any affordable ADN schools in the Cincinnati area? I've already applied to Miami Middletown campus but I won't hear back until some time in March.

    I don't want to attend Cinci Tech because I don't qualify to take the STNA exam even though I took the class (a few years ago) and have work experience (not enough recently). The only option Cinci Tech gave me is to pay to retake the STNA course and then pay to take the exam and that's just silly IMO.

    I'm short on $$ and with 170 semester hours, I don't qualify for much financial aide. I'm looking for a school under $300 a credit hour - only way I can afford it.

    Anyone know of any other programs in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area?

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