New Grad RN- What can I delegate to STNAs AND...

  1. how do I get them to listen and respect me? Short of writing them up and creating a hostile work environment?

    I work 12 hour days. I know the aides are busy. But I had an aide tell me she would not help a patient get to the bathroom and dress because the patient is difficult and demanding, and takes a lot of time. Well I don't have the time either, and it's her job to do that, and to do as I ask. I was polite, got another person and we went and did it, even though I have med pass. She was sitting in the dining room talking. I was infuriated. I also have to have vitals before I can administer meds in the AM. The morning aide said, No, I don't do vitals, I have patients to get dressed. Uh, I'm pretty sure vitals are in your scope of practice and you are the NURSE'S AIDE, not the NURSE REFUSER. i am never rude to my stna's and I end up getting depends and blankets and other stuff I don't have time for because they refuse to do their jobs and rather sit and talk with each other. I am about at the end of my rope and want to just write them all up. What can I do? I respect their hard work and thank them daily, but they treat me like what I ask them to do is a joke and my authority doesn't matter. I don't have time to keep doing all of their tasks for them because they don't want to. Help!
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    I am a PCA and a nursing student. Where I work, I would have been fired for now. I'm sorry you have to deal with such crappy STNAs. Is there a nurse manager you can talk to?