Looking for CLEVELAND Nurses

  1. hi, i am a new student nurse and i am looking for other nurses in the cleveland area.

    i need to do some shadowing and i would like to do it in an area that is actually something i'm interested in, instead of following around a nurses in an area where i know i won't end up working.

    if you are a legal nurse, forensic nurse, case manager, psych, peds, nicu/picu nurse and you would be willing to let me shadow you, would you please resond to this so that we can talk?

    i'm not sure exactly what i would like to specialize in, but those are some of the areas i'm interested in seeing first hand. i need more information and advice on what to do with my degree other than floor nursing (i'm just not sure its for me).

    i appreciate anyone who answers! thanks for your time!

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