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Hello, I applied for Kent State University's Accelerated BSN program, Spring 2013 corhort. My intentions with this post is to start a dialog with others who have also applied for the ABSN Spring 2013... Read More

  1. by   myamamma
    Hi everyone! I too got granted an interview and I interview on October 8th. Has anyone been through their interviews yet? I'm nervous as heck as well. It's been a long road to this interview....
  2. by   mh651807
    ahhh i was so nervous for my interview I hope I didn't blow it!!! We find out Wednesday eek! How did everyone else's go?
  3. by   ekohr
    I felt like mine went very well, but then again I am not the one scoring it. I am certainly hoping that they would agree.

    When I received the e-mail for the interview I was extremely hesitant to open it because I was very afraid of seeing the words "we regret to inform you" or something to that effect. Now I can only imagine how terrified I will be to open the next e-mail when it comes next week. I know one thing for sure, it will definitely be an emotional moment either way, just hope it is one of joy.

    Good luck to all and I hope to see us sitting in the same classroom come January.
  4. by   mh651807
    Do you think we might find out today? I am going crazy not knowing! Everyone should post on here when they hear back! Best luck to everyone!
  5. by   ekohr
    I don't know if we will find out today or not. I was told maybe Tuesday but most likely Wednesday. I know the waiting is hard and it has been a long road, but we will know very soon. I am just trying to keep busy on my current school work and assuming the mindset that I will not get accepted. That way if I don't, I will hopefully not be too crushed and if I do, of course I will be super excited. Well that is how I am dealing with the wait anyhow. Your idea of posting here when we hear back sounds good.

    Good luck to us all!
  6. by   mh651807
    I was accepted! I already sent my letter of intent back. I am super excited! Has anyone else heard back?
  7. by   ekohr
    Me too! Congratulations!Guess we are going to have to put up with each other for 15 months.
  8. by   mh651807
    Wahoo! Congrats! Well my name is Megan Hornor, I'm sure I'll meet you in person soon!
  9. by   myamamma
    You guys are going to have to put up with me too! I got my acceptance letter this morning and almost launched into outer space I was so happy
  10. by   AF007
    Congrats everyone! I'm currently in the program if you have any questions regarding the ABSN here at Kent State.
  11. by   nk2011
    ekohr... im looking to apply to the fall 2013 cohort . i signed up to take micro and human growth here in january. The only thing is my gpa is only a 3.1. But i currently work in two healthcare related jobs i didnt know if you had any pointers since your gpa was lower as well
  12. by   ekohr
    It ishard to say because I tend to think that every semester may be different ( many applicants and how you compare to those applicants). I got all the prerequisitesdone and all but one blue course finished. It is my guess that having justabout everything done that I could have done before getting into the programwas helpful. Since I had little control over my GPA at the point when I decidedto pursue the BSN, I made sure to shine on everything that I could control suchas earning an A in every class that I have taken since starting back to school,getting experience, doing as good of job as I could on my resume, personal statement, and interview. The four science prerequisites are weighted prettyheavy so you definitely want to ace them. I also took it upon myself to get allmy immunizations and CPR certification and then stating that fact in mypersonal statement. Basically the best advice I can give you is to do the bestyou can on everything you can control.

    I wishyou well, I know it is a hard and seemingly long wait going through the process of applying and waiting to hear if you have been accepted. Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have.
  13. by   nk2011
    Thanks , With my two health care jobs I already have the cpr and the immunizations as well . I have 2 A's and B in the pre reqs classes and I have micro left in january. Im going to knock all the blue courses out this summer before my hopeful start up so I should probably mention that in my cover letter as well shouldn't I ? As far as the interview is there anything that can help you prepare for that if you are selected ? Do you know anyone else that didn't have a stellar gpa that got in as well ?