Kent State Pre-Nursing Student Seeking Advice

  1. Hello! Thank you in advance for helping me out by offering advice and answering my questions.

    I am a 90's KSU graduate who has been accepted as a pre-nursing major at KSU, seeking to be accepted into the accelerated program at Kent State University. My previous degree is 360˚ different than this new career goal and degree.

    I only need to fulfill 4 science classes that, for some odd reason, were not required back when I went to school years ago. So along with taking those courses over 3 semesters, my advisor enrolled me into other nursing classes that I'll need when I am admitted into the accelerated program.

    I am told by the academic advisor that I need experience because spaces in the accelerated program is limited to something like 30 spots.

    I was advised to take STNA class and then start working at a hospital. Or the other option was to "shaddow" a working Nurse Practitioner. So that is one question. How does one gain experience in order to become (using my advisors word: "attractive") the top choice so that I am accepted into the accelerated program?

    When reviewing the forums on this website I am shocked to learn that many have to take tests? Is this true for a pre-nursing major seeking to be accepted into the accelerated nursing program?!

    It seems that I keep learning more and more items that my adviser and/or the school is not sharing with me. I just wish there would be a flyer or one booklet to review so that I could best prepare myself.

    Seems every time I think "I got it" I learn that there are at least 2-3 more things I need to enroll in, study for, or gain certification in.

    Any advice? I don't see any requirements of taking any test prior to being accepted into the accelerated program. At least that is what the 1 sheet I have been given 3 times by 3 different people in the Kent Nursing School.

    Any advice or comments are appreciated!
    Thank you!
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  3. by   notthereyet0
    The nursing major is a hurry up and wait situation like many other majors but it is hard to say what will get you there faster. Hypothetically you can get all your prereq's out of the way, be in the field they say you should be, have perfect gpa and still not get recognition into the accelerated program in colleges. As far as getting experience, I would second that.Get some experience in a hospital setting. Maybe you should get your name in one of the campuses' to get in their clinicals along with applying to the accelerated program. If you are not accepted, then you can have fallback and it may not take any longer if you have to reapply to the accelerated program. There are only 20 places in the main campus program according to the website so they are extremely selective.
  4. by   despondentRN
    I am not quite sure what you are asking. Is it a NP slot program or just an RN accelerated program? Either way I second the other post. Experience especially in the field you will be wanting to work in will be helpful. It is true you can do everything correct and be on track and be pushed back on the burner to another slot. Do not give up hope. A great deal of progressing and excelling in the nursing field is talking the talk and walking the walk. This is what is meant by make yourself attractive.