Huron School of Nursing (Southpointe) Opinions?

  1. hello!

    i am really considering HSN (@ southpointe, since it's less of a drive and i like the neighborhood better!) and i was wondering if any of you current students/graduates from HSN (preferably southpointe) have any good AND/OR bad opinions of the program!

    and is it alright if i finish as much of the support classes as i can even before submitting my admission to the school?
    how are the faculty? the courses/clinicals? do you feel they really prepared you for the NCLEX and eventually as a highly competent RN? did they have any problem helping you with job placement?

    oh and i would also like to know what two courses you guys took for the two required arts/humanities electives (CCC). because frankly, i don't know which class to take for these electives. i already took Art History 2030 in CCC and i wonder if that counts...

    i'm so sorry for all the questions but i'm trying to research this school as best i can! any response is greatly appreciated (:
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    hello, im going to start hurons program in january and i wish more of their students were on allnurses cause id love to know the answers to your questions as well!
  5. by   Fahrenheight
    ah yes! i wish the same thing. which of their campuses are you going to attend?
  6. by   rpnurse09
    Im starting this fall there and I too have alot of unanswered questions, but I guess i will have to wait to find out...
  7. by   Fahrenheight
    ahh well let me know how it goes and how you like it!