Frustration with BON about ATT!

  1. I graduated from my LPN program March 28, had to resend my application to the board (went out around April 25) and I'm STILL waiting for my ATT.

    Ugh. I called the BON yesterday and after having been placed on hold for 15 mins I talked to a perfectly nice woman who informed me that they were just beginning to enter applications received around April 21/22. According to her they had 150 applications on the 21st alone. (Is that alot? Apparently so...) She estimated that I should have my ATT within 3 weeks.

    I have no idea what they actually have to do to finish processing an application but she checked my file and said that all the required items were there.
    Sorry, this is really just a vent but for goodness sake, isn't there a way to simplify the process?
    I want my ATT!
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  3. by   LEN-RN
    Hang in there! Unfortunately there are so many new nursing schools in OHIO pumping out nurses each quarter, that the ohio board of nursing is piled with applications.(There is not a shortage of nurses in Ohio, some can not find work)

    I would call them OFTEN, but be nice and maybe someone will put yours on top of the list.
  4. by   jesskalpn
    Thanks! I'm trying to be patient and am just trying to enjoy the fact that I actually have time to breathe now.

    I'll keep checking the website and don't worry, you'll all hear when I pass my boards!